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Part A. …
Helmi : Retno, what do you think is the best action to reduce global warming?
Retno : I think everyone should start changing their way of life.
Helmi : What do you mean?
Retno : Well, we have to start to do what we can, to help reduce global warming.
Helmi : What do you suggest that we

should do?
Retno : Well, there are lots of things that we can do. We should start saving electricity, start recycling things, start using public transport means, buying and consuming as much as we need only, etc. Basically, just save anything that we can.
Helmi : Wow! You know a lot of things about reducing global warming. Where did you learn all of that from?
Retno : Well, I read newspapers, magazines, and also search for information in the internet. Actually, I want to inform what I’ve learned to everyone so that everybody can start helping to save our mother nature.
Helmi : You’re so awesome. How about if you write it in our school magazine next month?
Retno : That’s a great idea. I’ll do that.
Helmi : OK, I’ve got to go now.
Retno : Bye.

How to Say it?
The Ways to Ask Opinion The Ways to giving opinion
• What is your opinion?
• What do you think of…?
• How do you feel about…?
• How do you see …? • I think …
• I believe …
• I feel …….
• It seems to me …

Part B: Vocabularies to Remember

• Reduce =
• Global Warming =
• Saving =
• Electricity =
• Recycling =


Part C. In pairs, answer the following questions. You may base your arguments on the articles you read in the internet, newspapers, magazines, textbooks, or any other sources.
1. In your opinion, what causes global warming?
2. How do you think global warming can be stopped or reduced?
3. Should every one participate in handling the problem?
4. How can we make other people see and start their act to reduce global warming?
5. When do you think we should start to take actions to fi ght against global warming?

Part D. In small groups, study the following information. Then, choose one of the things that you can do to reduce global warming from the following poster and write a short argument why you should do that action.



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