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Meeting 1: Giving Direction

      In this Meeting, you will learn about giving direction. Your instructor will give you some pattern of giving instruction. Look at the bottom. Here are the expressions of giving instruction.

  • take this road
  • go down there
  • Turn left
  • Turn right
  • it’s this way
  • it’s that way
  • you’re going the wrong way
  • you’re going in the wrong direction
  • take the first on the left
  • take the second on the right
  • turn right at the crossroads


     After you had seen the examples of giving instruction in the top, now your instructor will show to you about the conversation of giving instruction.

Mika                : Excuse me. Is there a grocery store around here?
John                 : Yeah. There’s one right across the street.


Ahasan             : Where’s Tanner’s Leather Shop sir?
Mr. Jatmiko      : It’s on the corner of Holly and Vine. Next to the library


Steven              : How do you get to the bank?
Micheal            :Go straight down this street for two blocks. Turn left when you get to Maple Street. Stay on Maple for half a block. It’s on the left hand side.











      Now, with your partner look at the picture. It is a map of Yogyakarta. Answer the questions based on Map in the bottom


Activity 1

  1. A traveler was asking for you about how to go to Lempuyangan station. He is a traveler from Jakarta, and locating in Malioboro. So, how you can give instruction based on illustration in the top?
  2. A driver was losing his families in Yogyakarta. He want to go to nearer police station Kaliurang district. So, how you want to give direction?


Activity 2

     Complete the conversation in the bottom. It is an incomplete one. So, complete it to be a perfect conversation about giving direction!

Armand            : Excuse me, sir.

Mr. Eko           : Yes. May I help you?

Armand            : Sir, I want to go to Taman Siswa in Yogyakarta. However, I don’t know where location is and how I go to there. So, what should I do sir?

Mr. Eko           : O I know. You should …………….. in the T- intersection of Gamping, you should …………… . Around 500 meter, you will find a intersection again. Now, you can turn right again. After you do it, you …………….. . It is around 2 KM from your current position at the moment.

Armand            : Wow, it is too far sir. It is finish sir?

Mr. Eko           : No, you must ……………… . Yes, you will arrive in Taman Siswa.

Armand            : Alright sir. I understand now. Thank you sir.

Mr. Eko           : you’re welcome


Word choice:

To turn right

Straight go ahead

Go to with Ring Road way

To turn left



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