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The Result of Interview with Miss Erna Fernanti, an English Teacher in SMKN 1 Sedayu

      On December 24, 2013 ago, Mori Manjusri and his partner was done interview to English teacher, namely Miss Erna Fernanti. She is an English teacher in SMKN 1 Sedayu, Yogyakarta. The reason why Mori Manjusri and partner were chosen Miss Erna and SMKN 1 Sedayu source of interview is about the accessible of location to gain information from her. To make easier in interview, Mori Manjusri and his partner were create and prepare some of questions to Miss Erna. Doing interview to English teacher is one of assessment that 5rd students must to in the classroom management. The result of interview is presented to report essay.

Image      In the first question, Miss Erna answer about obstacle that she experience in teaching. The obstacle of Miss Erna when she is teaching is about less familiar with situation in the school. Besides that, her students can’t be attention or focus to material that she given. To solve these problems, Miss Erna doing approaches to her students and invite them to focus to materials.

     When Miss Erna is entering the class, she is doing warming up to her student. Warming up is very important to do to teacher. It is useful to create student attention to material and also makes student can be connect to material that will present by the teacher. After Miss Erna is doing warming up, she is always using communicative approach as technique to teach her students. When teaching students with communicative approach, she is always insert games to material. Games is very important to do, because it can make student to be relax and student’s mind can be receive material again. In the end of class, Miss Erna is usually doing repetition about material that she has presented to students. Usually she is invites group of student to present their understanding in the front of class.

     In another questions, Miss Erna said that the way to solve over active’s student in the class are teacher should to acting something and teacher should to keep silent. It means, when there is noising in the class, teacher shouldn’t to angry or even say “Don’t noise” to students. The implication if teacher said it to student is students is more likely to repeat it continuously. Besides that, Miss Erna is always giving and opening five minutes for student to tell about their problem and obstacles in learning.

     In the last question, Miss Erna is given good advice to Mori Manjusri and his partner about teaching to students. Her advice is be a teacher should to enjoyed and don’t be burden. The ways is with make student to be a friend and keep to smiling for everything that happening.

    In conclusion, interview with Miss Erna Fernanti is one of important experience in my life and also it is opening my eyes about real teaching condition in the school. With this interview, I got description about teacher and students learning activities in the class. here is the questions that Mori Manjusri and Partner using to interview Miss Erna Fernanti.



1.      Dalam mengajar, apakah ibu mempunyai hambatan? Hambatan apakah itu? Dan bagaimana cara ibu untuk mengatasi masalah tersebut?

2.      Apa saja aktifitas awal yang ibu lakukan ketika aka memulai kelas?

3.      Metode apa saja yang ibu sering terapkan pada saat mengajar?

4.      Aktifitas apa saja yang ibu lakukan ketika mengakhiri kelas?

5.      Bagaimana cara untuk membuat suasana kelas yang nyaman dan cocok untuk belajar?

6.      Menurut ibu, langkah apa yang cocok dalam mengatasi isu atau masalah yang terjadi pada saat proses belajar mengajar, misalnya siswa yang kurang aktif?

7.      Ketika terdapat siswa yang mengalami kesulitan dalam belajar, langkah apa saja yang dapat dilakukakan untuk mengatasinya?

8.      Ibu dapat menceritakan kepada kami pengalaman mengesankan yang ibu dapatkan selama mengajar di sekolah ini?

9.      Sebagai calon guru dimasa depan, saran apa yang ibu berikan buat kami?


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