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The Definition of Curriculum

     Curriculum is part of important element in education system in Indonesia. With using curriculum, the process of teaching and learning will occur well. It is because curriculum contains some of planning that will use in

teaching and learning.

      In basically, the word of curriculum was come from Yunani, namely “Currere” that mean as a line that runner must to finish (M. Ahmad dkk, 1998). Line in this definition is an distance that runner should to past, begin from starting line until finish line. Besides that, Rumayulis (2002), state that curriculum as courier. Courier in Indonesian Language as an connector that useful to convey something to other (Nurgiyantoro, 1998). Many expects in the world has also define curriculum with their statement, such as curriculum is interpreted to meal of the organized course, activities, and experiences which pupils have under direction of the school, whatever in the classroom or not (Romne, 1945).

    There is dissimilarity about definition and description curriculum at the moment. These difference perceptions are caused by the development of human’s knowledge, such as ages, education level, and the higher perception of someone. However, these perceptions has define same meaning about curriculum as a set of planning in operate education program that consist of objective of education, materials, methodology in convey the knowledge to student, and evaluation to asses student comprehension in learning. It is useful for educator as guideline in operate teaching and learning in Indonesia.


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