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The Foundation of Curriculum in Indonesia, by Mori Manjusri

    As gain formality in the implementation of curriculum in Indonesia, the curriculum should to require foundation. The foundation is useful as the background of existence and implementation curriculum. In basically, the foundations of curriculum in Indonesia are consists of five elements, such as legality, philosophy, psychological, social and culture, and finally id technologically. These foundations are very vital in train curriculum in Indonesia.

  • Legality

      The first foundation of curriculum is placed by legality. The legality is contain some of rules that emerged by the government. With the rules, the existence and the implementation of curriculum is more legal and licensed by the government, education institution, and also the society.

  • Philosophy

      The foundation of curriculum is based on philosophy that a country attentive. There are many countries that attentive philosophy as their reference in operates their country, such as Indonesia. Indonesia, a sovereign country is using Pancasila as their philosophy. In other word, the development and implementation of curriculum in Indonesia are based on Pancasila.

     The foundations of philosophy in curriculum are consisting of three elements, that is entomology, process to operate, and the benefit of curriculum for societies.

  • Psychological

     The implementation of curriculum in Indonesia should to give attention to psychological principle. The psychological principle means activity that related with psychology students. With give attention to psychology student, the implementation of curriculum will be success. It is cause the needed of student in many level is different with other, although it has relation with other. In simple example is when Indonesia government want to create and develop curriculum, they should determine the student needed in Indonesia.

  • Social- Cultural

    Curriculum should to relate with social and cultural of societies. The relation is located on goal of curriculum, which probably to necessary of society. Usually there are different about student necesssary in a school, or even to interplace. Hence, the development of curriculum should to give attention to student needed. With give attention to student needed, the implementation of curriculum will be success and suitable for student necessary in a place.udent needed in Indonesia. gh it has relation withto operate, and the

  • Technological

      The development and improvement of technology is one of foundation to develop curriculum. To develop curriculum, the government should to observe the develop technologies that might amend and changing at these time. Especially for education technology, there are three technologies that useful in the education, such as information technology that create teaching and learning will be easier. It is because the materials can be accesses in the information media, such as Internet, mass media, and electronics media. Furthermore, instructional technology that probably teaching and learning is occurs without meet directly to student and teacher.


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