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“A Practical English Course for Indonesian Traffic Cop Personals”, an Mori Manjusri’s next course future

      In our course, we had decided to construct our phenomenal course, namely “A Practical English Course for Indonesian Traffic Cop Personal”. To easier in the implementation, we create 5 components of equipment that very vital to construct an course, such as about people (personalities), physically setting (the place and setting to construct our course), nature of course and institution, teaching resources, and also time to do it. All these components will be explaining and presented in the bottom. Also, we will present our lesson plan about material, time, and also activities that we will do in the course.

1. People

        Related with the title, the student in our course is the member of Indonesian Traffic cop personals. These personal are the traffic cop personal who still active in the Police, such as 22- 35 years old. In our course, we decide to construct our course in the Yogyakarta. The reason why we choice Yogyakarta is because Yogyakarta as a province that has many visited by foreigners, and most of these traffic cop personals doesn’t speak English well. In our classroom, it will consist of 15 personals of traffic cop with different language and culture each other. The education of our students is graduated from senior high school, or even from university with has many experiences in their life. Hence, their ability, skill and experience that will be our combine and related to our course.

2. Physical Setting

        In our course, we decided to build our course near with Police office and city that probably our student can go to our course easier. The wide and long our classroom are consist 7 X 7 Meter that suitable for 15 students. Our class will be completely with good facilities and technologies, such as Air Conditioner, LCD, white board with black marker, comfortable chair, pictures, etc.

3. Nature of course and Institution

       The first purpose of our course is to help people to speak English. In this case, we had choice the personals of Indonesian Traffic Cop as our students, because they are the references of societies in the way. For example when a foreigner wants to ask about the location of nearer market, so these traffic cops can be explain and direct them to correct nearer market.. 

     To train our course, we will using curriculum that make easier in the implementation. In this curriculum will be consist syllabus and lesson plan. To apply our course, the personals of Indonesian Traffic Cop should to do a test firstly, which useful to find out how far student ability and knowledge about English. The shape of test are about speaking orally and reading.

4. Teaching Resources

        To operate our course, the materials that will our use are come from internet, mass media, journal article, books and other. Hence, our materials are available access for our student and for our as instructor. To help our student in learning, we will use cassette and photocopying about material. It will be given to student in the beginning and the middle of class. As references in learning, we will develop our own materials, such as about test and assessment. The test and assessment will be suitable for our curriculum and student abilities.

5. Time

       The numbers of meeting in our course are 16 times during 2 month. Hence, in a week we will teach our student twice a week, that is every Thursday and Saturday. In each meeting, the numbers of time are 1.5 hours that start from 16.00- 17.30 pm. In the end of our course, we will give assessment for student and also evaluation about their activities.



Name               : A Practical English Course for Indonesian Traffic Cop Personals

Subject                        : Lesson Plan for 16 meeting



Time of Meeting


Aim of material



Meeting 1:

Thursday, January 7, 2014

·         Introduction their self and other people

·         Greetings

·         Student able to introduction their self and other people

·         Student able to use and implement greeting to the daily life

·         learn new vocabulary

·         Individual work

·         Pair work

Introduction of People

Meeting 2:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

·         Places in Indonesia


·         Student able to describe to their hometown and important place in Indonesia

·         Learn vocabulary about places



Meeting 3:

Thursday, January 14, 2014

·         Western and eastern culture

·         Agree and disagree

·         Student able to mention about the differences of western and eastern culture

·         Student able to use expression of agree and disagree

·         Learn vocabulary about cultures and the expression



Meeting 4:

Saturday, January 18, 2014

·         Assessment

·         Remembering material

·         Speaking assessment

·         Individual work


Meeting 5:

Thursday, January 21, 2014

·         Traffic sign


·         Student able to tell and describe about traffic sign

·         learn vocabulary about traffic sign


Daily activities

Meeting 6:

Saturday, January 25, 2014

·         Direction


·         Student able to give and show about direction

·         Learn vocabulary about direction



Meeting 7:

Thursday, January 28, 2014

·         Suggestion and advice

·         Student able to give and receive the suggestion and advice from someone

·         Learn Vocabulary about suggestion and advice



Meeting 8:

Saturday, February 1, 2014

·         Assessment

·         Repeating the material

·         Speaking Assessment

·         Individual work


Meeting 9:

Thursday, February 4 2014

·         Apologize

·         Student able to ask and give apologize to other

·         Learn vocabulary on apologize


Daily activities

Meeting 10:

Saturday, February 8, 2014

·         Offer something

·         Student able to offer and give something

·         Learn vocabulary



Meeting 11:

Thursday, February 11, 2014

·         Belief and disbelief

·         Student able to use belief and disbelief about something

·         Learn vocabulary on belief and disbelief



Meeting 12:

Saturday, February 15, 2014

·         Assessment

·         Repeating the material

·         Speaking assessment



Material 13:

Thursday, February 18, 2014

·         Instruction

·         Student able to give and do the instruction

·         Learn vocabulary on instruction


Daily activities

Meeting 14:

Saturday, February 22, 2014

·         Clarify

·         Student able to clarify and give opinion about something



Meeting 15:

Thursday 25, February 2014

·         Final assessment

·         All material will be test to student

·         Speaking, listening, writing, and writing test



Meeting 16:

Saturday 1, march 2014

·         Evaluation

·         Teacher able to give the result of student’s learning

·         Give student recommendation




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