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The Role and Design of Instructional Design Assignment, by Mori Manjusri

            Well, the role and design of instructional material it mean something that regulate and it is useful as reference in learning process. To create successful instructional design, teacher should to design and to implement roles for students. In basically, design material can define as a process to construct the teaching and learning material successfully. Furthermore, role of instructional material is a process to train and implement the roles of teaching and learning for students.

       In my view, instructional material is a process to receive some knowledge and information from the other, especially from the teacher. This process is might occur in the classroom activities, such as when the teacher gives the materials for their students. To create successful teaching and learning, teacher should to design and implement suitable materials for student. Material is a form of knowledge and information that teacher convey to the students. Talking about materials, there are many sources that teacher and student can use in supporting their teaching and learning, such as textbook, online media (internet), information from others, and any else. However, textbook is the most popular than other. There are many advantages of textbook, such as the contents of textbook can be justify from the writer, real information, it has good standard in writing process, and even more efficiency.  In the other hand, textbook is also have some weaknesses, such as it is probably make misunderstanding about contents of textbook, the contents is probably too long and wide, and some price of textbook is too expensive.

      As the candidate of teacher in the future, we should to know about how to prepare materials. Those materials can be adopted from textbook, mass media, electronic media, or even other sources. At least there are six steps that can we use in design materials, such as develop aim why we create the materials. Furthermore, we should know who is the objectives in our material. It is useful in determine the suitable materials for students. Next, we should to create syllabus. To be continue in the next step is organizing the course of unit, develop the structure for unit, and finally step is sequence of units. All these steps can be teacher use in design the materials. In the last of material, teacher should to construct the excersise. Excercise is useful as media to know how far the understanding of studetn about material that has been teacher presented. The excersise can look like answer the fill in the blank questions, multiple choice queistions, or even daily conversation test.

     In the end of task, I can conclude that chapter eight on the role and design of instructional material is more focus on materials of teaching. It is describe about roles and functions of materials, how to prepare materials in teaching, source of material, types of materials, etc.



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