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This section is designed to measure about your comprehension of standard written English. There are two types of question in this section with special direction.

Direction: In the rest of this section, you will read several passages. Each one is followed by several questions about it. For question 1- 25, you are able to choose one best answer (A), (B), (C), (D) to each question. Then on your answer sheet, find the number of question and fill in the space that corresponds to the letter of the answer you have chosen.

After you read the directions, begin work on the questions.

Question 1- 7

Lionel Messi

      Lionel Messi is one of football player in the world. He is playing on Barcelona FC, one of team in Spain League. Lionel Messi has born in Rosario, Argentina on 24 years ago. The histories of Lionel Messi in football started when he had departed from Argentina to the Spain. The reason why Lionel Messi moved to Spain is to his treatment. Besides that, Lionel Messi has also plays football for Barcelona FC team. Now, Lionel Messi had gain many achievements in football world, such as he is become the best player, the top score in the Spanish and UEFA Champions langue, and one of richer football player in the world.

1. Text above is described about?

   a. Cristiano Ronaldo                         c. Andreas Iniesta     

   b. Lionel Messi                                 d. Neymar

2. From the text, we know about Lionel Messi is

   a. Tennis Table player                      c. Football Player      

   b. Volley Ball Player                        d. Swimmer

3. According to passage, which team that Lionel Messi is playing football at the moment?

   a. Real Madrid                                 c. Chelsea                   

   b. Malaga FC                                   d. Barcelona FC

4. In where Lionel Messi was born?

   a. Argentina                                     c. Brazil                      

   b. Mexico                                         d. Spain

5. The text implies about the reason why Lionel Messi moved to Spain is?

    a. To Happiness                               c. To his Treatment

    b. To Work                                      d. To Holliday

6. In line 2, the word “team” could best replaced by which of the following?

   a. Club                                              c. Stadium                  

   b. Fans                                              d. Coach

7. Which achievement that doesn’t Lionel Messi acquire at the moment?

   a. The best player                             c. The richest football player

   b. Top score                                      d. Being the best goalkeeper


Question 8- 13

      Long time ago, there is a super hero namely Puss in Boots. Push in Boots is a cat, but he is very famous and strong. He was attack and fighting with his many enemies. When he went to back home, he was arrested by the guardsman. Then he was brought and showed to a king, namely Alessandra Bellagamba. The king wants to hire Puss in Boots to find out her crown that had stolen by Le Chuchoteur. To find king’s crown, Puss in Boots was helped by 3 kitten cats, namely Perla, Gonzalo, and Sir Timoteo Monterego III. Furthermore, Puss in Boots and 3 kitten cats is going to Le Chuchoteur’s secret kingdom. After arrive, Puss in Boots and the Le Chuchoteur are fighting and Puss in Boots is almost lost. Happily the 3 kitten cats are helping Puss in Boots. Finally, Puss in Boots and 3 kitten cat is successful to gain the crown. For the achievement, Puss in Boots is rewarded many gold from his service. (Adopted from Push in Boots and three Diablo’s movie)

8. What would be the most appropriate title for the passage?

    a. The heroism of Puss in Boots                  c. Puss in Boots and 3 Kitten

    b. The loss of Le Chuchoteour                    d. The fighting Puss in Boots and Le Chuchoteour

9. According to passage, Puss in Boots is

    a. Weak                                                       c. Popular

    b. Strong and famous                                  d. Smart

10. According to passage, what make Puss in Boots very famous and strong?

     a. Because he is a cat                                 c. Because he was living in a kingdom

     b. Because he is going to many places       d. Because he was fighting with many enemies

11. According to passage, why Puss in Boots is arrested?

     a. Because he is an criminal                       c. Because the king want to hire him

     b. Because he is a cat                                 d. Because he was create many faults

12. Which of the following happens when the Puss in Boots is met with Le Chuchoteur?

     a. They are playing                                     c. They are eating the fish

     b. They are fighting                                    d. They are not doing anything

13. According to passage, why Puss in Boots rewarded many gold?

      a. Because he lossfighting Le Chuchoteour        c. Because he was acquired the crown back

      b. Because he helps the king                                 d. Because he was helped by 3 Kitten cat


Questions 14- 19

        One day on April month, Mika and Arfa went to a beach which near with their hometown. The place is very nice that completed with white sands. At these times, Mika was very happy because she never visits the place before. They had spent time with many activities, such as take bath in the beach, plays with sand, and sitting in a big stone. However when their want to back, their very shock because the gate that they are enter had closed. The day is almost twilight. They had searches optional gate to take outside their motorcycle. Happily, there is a small slot in the corner. However, the slot is too small to take outside motorcycle. Furthermore, they were tries to take outside motorcycle with knock over and to pull together slowly. Finally, their motorcycle can to take outside and then they are gone to home.

14. What is the suitable theme for the history above?

   a. An Interesting experience                        c. An confusing experience

   b. An Impressing experience                        d. An Heroic experience

15. What text is above?

   a. Descriptive text                                        c. Procedure text

   b. Narrative text                                           d. Recount text

16. According to the passage, why Mika was very happy?

   a. Because she never visit the beach            c. Because she and Arfa going to beach

   b. Because she go to with Arfa                    d. Because he let down her parent

17. When Mika and Arfa arrive in the beach, which activities that not include to their activity?

   a. To take bath in the beach                         c. Doing flaying fox

   b. Plays with sand                                        d. Sitting in a big stone

18. According to passage, why Mika and Arfa very shock?

   a. Because their motorcycle is lost               c. Because the day will twilight

   b. Because their lost each other                   d. Because the gate has closed

19. How Mika and Arfa to take outside their motorcycle?

   a. With search any help                                c. With knock over and pull together

   b. With find out any optional gates             d. Waiting any help

19. In line 10 mentioned outside. What is the antonym of outside?

   a. Intimate                                                    c. Inner

   b. Interior                                                     d. Inside


Directions: In questions 20- 25 each sentences has an rearrangement. You are to choose the one word with marked (A), (B), (C), and (D) that suitable to make good sentence.

20. Name of Days in a week:

    1). Wednesday                    2). Saturday                            3). Tuesday                 4). Monday

    5). Sunday                           6). Friday                                7). Thursday                                                                           

The best arrangement of the above name of day in a week is

 a. 5- 1- 7- 2- 4- 6- 3                                        c. 2- 4- 1- 7- 3- 5- 6

 b. 4- 3- 1- 7- 6- 2- 5                                        d. 3- 1- 2- 5- 7- 4- 6


21. My daily activity:

     1). After wake up, I usually go to bathroom

     2). I am going to school on 06.30 AM

     3). I prepare myself to go to school on 06.00 AM

     4). Every day I wake up at 5 PM.

The best arrangement of the above sentence to make good paragraph is?

a. 1- 2- 3- 4                              c. 4- 2- 3- 1

b. 2- 4- 3- 1                             d. 4- 1- 3- 2


22. The method to create coffee water

   1). Inset coffee powder and sugar to the glass

   2). Coffee water is ready to drink.

   3). Prepare the equipment (sugar, hot water, glass, coffee powder)

   4). Add hot water to this mixture and stir together.

The best arrangement of the above sentences to make good procedure is

a. 4- 2- 1- 3                                          c. 1- 3- 2- 4

b. 2- 1- 4- 3                                         d. 3- 1- 4- 1


23. The Method to cook noodle

    1). Wait the water until boil

    2). Inset noodle to the plate that contain flavor.

    3). Inset water to the pan and turn on the gas stove.

    4). Beside to waiting noodle is expand, prepare flavor to plate.

    5). After the water is boiling, inset noodle to the water and wait until expand

    6). Noodle is ready to eat.

The best arrangement of the above sentences to make paragraph is

A.1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6                                             c. 3- 1- 5- 4- 2- 6

b. 3- 2- 5- 6- 1- 2                                             d. 4- 3- 1- 5- 6- 4-


24. The way to make good paragraph

    1). Develop paragraph with supporting sentence

    2). Writes the topic

    3). Understand about a good topic sentence

    4). Recheck the paragraph

    5). Write the conclusion

The best arrangement in the about the method to create good paragraph is

a. 2- 3- 1- 5- 4                                     c. 1- 2- 3- 4- 5

b. 3- 1- 2- 4- 5                                     d. 5- 1- 2- 3- 4


25. The method to cook rice:

     1).Measure and wash the rice with clean water.

     2). Put aluminum pan that contains rice to the inside of magic jar and then close the cover.

     3). Connected the power cord to the plugin. Make sure the power cord is connected to the  electrical equipment.

     4). Wait magic jar working around 20 minutes. The lover knob will be up automatically if the rice is cooked.

     5). Rice is steady to eat.

The best arrangement of the above sentences to make paragraph is

 a. 5- 3- 1- 4- 2                                                c. 3- 2- 1- 5- 4

 b. 2- 3- 1- 5- 4                                                d. 1- 2- 3- 4- 5









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