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British English

     British English is one of theme that 2nd group has presented in the class B 2011. The theme was presented on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 ago. Base on explanation, British English is one of central English in the world. Many countries in the world is using British English as their language’s style. The process of how English is become an language is describe to table in the bottom.







      The table has explains about how English is become a language. An language has started from Sanskrit language, which shape of language is look like symbols. Sanskrit language is symbols that used to write in the long time ago, such as in Tarumanegara’s epigraphy and Borobudur temple. Furthermore, language was developed in the Greek, which many experts had created their innovation in the book, such as Aristotle. The study of language had continued to Latin language. Latin is an language that spoken in the America continent. Furthermore, language has developed to the modern Indo- Europe era. Finally, the result of these processes had become many kinds of language in the world, such as English, Dutch, and Germanic. From this process, the meaning of a word has same, however the types and pronunciation is different each other.

Name of Word

Kind of Language

The Utterance











Modern Indo- Europe






      English that people spoken at the moment is having many varieties each other. Each variety has having characteristics each other. Especially for British English, the characteristics and the process of English occur has classify into 3 models, such as Old English, Middle English, Early Modern English, and Modern English. All these models are explained in this essay.

1. Old English

       The Old English was started from 450- 1150 M ago. The era of Old English was started when the Jutes, Angles, and Saxons has arrive to England. They are come from many places in the Europe with Spoken Germany. The characteristic of old English is located on how to use past tense in sentence. Past tense in the Old English is recognized as strong and weak form. The strong form is a process to change the internal vowel in a word, such as ride become rode, speak become spoke. However in the weak form, the marked of past tense is located with added a suffix, such as kiss become kissed and miss become missed.

2. Middle English Period

      Period of Middle English is known as ran riot period, which many utterances of word has same meaning and pronunciation. For instance on  word of “knight”, is recognize as knighte, knight, knyghte, knith, knizt, knyzt, knyzte, knict, chipte, and cnihte.

       In this period, French is a major language that people used in the England. Many sectors in England are use French in the daily communication, such as in law, education, and government sector. The influences of French in Old English can be seeing on word of fit and proper, will and testament, keep and maintain, break and enter, final and conclusive.

3. Early Modern English

      Early modern English is era of change, which English has developed to writing and reading. The pioneer of this era has introduced by Caxton at 1476. For example in the Old English, the initial /fn/ had become fnesen. However in the early modern English, the initial /fn/ is become sneeze. In this period, many words English had become changed and developed, such as word on you. The word of you has many changes from many centuries, such as started from Old English until 17 century.

4. Modern English Period

     English that people speak in Britain is the modern English. This period was started by William Bullokars at 1586 which founded first English Grammar. Furthermore on 1604, first English dictionary with a table alphabetical was founded by Robert Cawdrey. The Muray’s English Grammar published on 1755, and other expects that has contributed in the Modern English period.

     The dissimilarity between early modern English and modern English in sentence are:

Early Modern English

Modern English

Our Father which art in heaven,

Our Father in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name

Hallowed be your name


         Base on 2nd explanation, the writer summarize that the British English has developed with 4 stages, such as Old English, Middle English period, Early modern English, and Modern English. Each stage has characteristics and dissimilarity each other. The pronunciation of word “R” in British English is not strong than other English variety in the world.


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