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The Total Physically Respond Method, by Mori Manjusri

        Total physically respond (TPR) is a kind of method to teaching and learning base on management and physical movement. This method is focus on student action in the learning activity, that is student able to do the instruction with their bodies. The total Imagephysical respond was introduced and developed firstly by Janes Asher, which state that “listening language learning is use right hemisphere’s brain, and also language learning should not to involve any stress”. It mean, there 2 main things in total physically respond base on Janes Asher are listen and act. After student had received instructions from teacher, student should express it with their body language.

      With apply this method, teacher and student might gain some benefits, such as student is able to express their language, student can learn and acquire new vocabularies, and they can also increase their brains automatically. However, this method is also having weakness in the classroom activity, such as student felt bore and tired if this method is implemented for long time, some mistakes will be occur when student doing this method, such as there is misunderstanding in applied this method. The examples of classroom implementation with total physical respond are:

—  Student 1        : Touch your friend

Student           : ……………

—  Student 1        : Raise your hand

Student           : …………………

—  Student 1        : Throw your paper!

Student           : …………………

—  Teacher 1         : Insert your pen into bag!

Student           : …………………

—  Teacher 1         : Open your book!

Student           : ………………


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