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Suggesstopaedia, by Mori Manjusri

     Suggestopaedia is a type of method to teaching and learning base on power of music or rhythm. In this word, music or rhythm is more influences in determine successful teaching and learning’s process. Suggestopaedia was introduced firstly by Lozanov on 1982. ImageHowever, many terms and sources mention that suggestopaedia was recognize and explained in many form and views, such as Super Learning that originated in North America, Suggestive Accelerated Learning and Teaching was developed in the North America, Psychopadia was recognize in West Germany, and finally Suggestopaedia had also developed in the Eastern Europe and it has used from different techniques from Lozanov’s original version.

       The characteristic of suggestopaedia is more focus on music and student activity. There is real relationship between music and student as learner, that is located in the brain. Student easier to understand and acquire the materials when their brain in the relax situation. Music that included in suggesstopaedia is an classical music. With classical music, the process of how brain works and acquire information is more relax and easier to get it. Hence, the input from outside will be easier to understand and to gain by student. However, the implementation of this method in the classroom activities is having weakness, such as there is a difference between student’s happiness about music. Most of student felt happy when they are studying with listen the music, however another students felt bore and dislike to studying with listen the music. Hence, teacher should to find out technique to solve this problem. Besides that, most of school can’t implement this method to their classroom activities. It is because suggestopeadia need an complete facilities, such as tape recorder, a set of sound system, and also electrical.

   The example of student activities in the classroom is teacher play classical music with lower sound and teacher is given some assessment for students. Besides listens the music, student is also answers an assessment in the same time.


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