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Presentation, Practice, and Production, by Mori Manjusri

        Presentation, practice, and production (PPP) is a method to teach structure of grammar or vocabulary for student. In this word, there are 3 terms that explain how to teach structure of grammar or vocabulary for student, such as presentation, practice, and production. Each component has unique characteristics and different way to implement for student.

—  Presentation

       In basically, presentation is a process to show materials for student. To show material, teacher should to show model or contents for student firstly, such as text or pictures. The example of picture that might teacher show for student in located in the right side.

     After teacher show the picture for student, teacher should to explain and describes things that includes at the picture. For instance:

è The woman sitting in top of globe.

è The woman is using laptop

è  The color of globe is orange


—  Practice

      After teacher was showed the material to student, the next stage that teacher do is give practice for student. Practice is a process to asses or do test for student understanding about material that has been presented for them. Types of test that teacher can use are multiple question choice, cloze procedure, and other.

     Base on the picture, the question that might teacher present for students are:

è What is the woman doing?

è What is woman touching?

è Where is the woman sitting?

è What color that globe in this picture?


—  Production

      The last stage in presentation and practice is production, which students create a learning process with autonomously. They are to create, to design, and to finish base on materials that has been teacher presented, such as to create paper, paragraph, essay, or even an thesis. Besides that, student can also describe whatever that including in the picture.

From this picture, teacher is instructs to describe and explain activities that occurring for student with own word.

       If compared with other methods, this method had many strengths in the teaching and learning process. The strengths are student easier to understand the materials, student can apply their knowledge to the real life, student can learn autonomously, and student also explores their imagination in the production. However, the existence of this method is also having weakness for students, such as student might fail to explore imagination in the production.

      Presentation, practice, and production method (PPP) is suitable for teaching and learning process, especially for student activities in the classroom. It is because this method has provide good elements in teaching, such as presentation is probably student to see and know real material, in practice is probably teacher can examine how far student understand about material, and in production is probably student to explore their knowledge to self learning/ autonomously.



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