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    Jadwal Pertandingan FC Barcelona musim 2015/2016June 15th, 2015
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The Native Speaker versus the Non- Native Speaker

       People who using English even other languages can be distinguishing into 2 types, that is native speaker and non- native speaker. Although native speaker and the non- native speaker are same in uses of language, but it still have many differences about usefulness of language.      

  • The Native Speaker

        Native speaker is peoples who using English as first language to communicate each other. Bloomfield (1993), state that native speaker is “native language as one learned on ‘one’s mother’s knee’, and claim that no one is perfectly sure in a language that is acquired later”. The strengths of English as native speaker is they are able to use English fluently, such as in writing and speaking. However, native speaker is also having weakness, such as they are probably lazy to learn other language, such as in United State. Peoples in this country is argues that many people’s around the world are comes and learns English from this country. So, with this fact is decided why many United State’s people are lazy to learn other languages. Countries that included in English as native speaker are British, United States, and Australia.

  • The Non-Native Speaker

        The non-native speaker is spoken of English who are not category as a native speaker. The characteristics of non- native speaker are they not able to use English as primary language, and they are also not born and growth up in the native country. Non- native speaker is also had strengths, such as they can acquire and uses foreign languages in the daily activities. However, the non- native speaker is probably being find obstacles when they are learn foreign language, such as in the how to express the word, how to use correct grammar in an sentence, and other. The countries that can be cluster non- native speaker in English are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan, and Tanzania.


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