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    Jadwal Pertandingan FC Barcelona musim 2015/2016June 15th, 2015
    Untuk mengetahui jadwal pertandingan FC Barcelona musim 2015/2016, kunjungi http://www.fcbarcelona.co.id/football/first-team/calendar
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Standard English

   The utility of English in the world is having standard, namely Standard English. Standard English is useful as references for peoples in applying English in the world. Aberomble (1965) define “standard language as kind of English which is the official language of the entire English speaking world, and it is spoken even more written with remarkable uniformity considering the area which it covers”. Todd and Hancock (1986) also state that Standard English is “spectrum of Englishes taught in school, described in grammar and dictionaries and used by the media”. From these definitions, Standard English is standard that given for peoples while their using English. Standard is important not only for English, but also for other languages in the world.

     Standard English can be describe as standard language that used in the English. The examples of standard language in some countries are Indonesia with Bahasa Indonesia, China is using Putonghua/ Mandarin as standard language, and standard language in British is Standard American English (SAE). The characteristics of standard language is it should have joint agreement from many peoples to use the language, such as how to pronunciation the word, how to use the grammar, and other.

      If Standard English is seeing from positive side, Standard English can be unite the utilizing English all the world. For instance, a Chinese’s person is talking with a Canadian’s person. So, they can use Standard English in speaking to understand each other. However, Standard English is also having weakness, such as it can’t be implemented in a country. Usually in a country is having many local language and cultures, which may different with Standard English


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