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    Jadwal Pertandingan FC Barcelona musim 2015/2016June 15th, 2015
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Pidgins, creoles and varieties of English

        In basically, pidgin, creoles and varieties of English is the process to make Englishes in the world.

  • Pidgins

       Pidgins occur when there is elaboration between at least 2 languages in a place. The process of this elaboration is called pidginization. The characteristics of pidgins are: first, it didn’t has no native speaker, and second is it is also has limited range of use. This process can be finds in the Malaysia, Singapore, and also India. These countries are the examples of elaboration between English and local language.

  • Creoles

      Creoles is occur when pidgin become a mother tongue in a place. The characteristics of creoles are it has a native language and also it has considerable expanded range to use. The example of pidgin become a mother tongue is can be find in the Hawaii’s creoles English. 

  • Varieties of English
    • Dialect is a speech community in a place, such as British English and American English. Almost spoken in a language is having dialect. Dialect is useful as media to recognize spoken of a language, such as in how people are to pronunciate word. Hence, the existence of language is probably other people can recognize the identity of spoken a language.

Register is a process to use language in the different situation, such as sentence/ word choices that people use in daily communication is may different with national conference

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