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English in South Africa and Nigeria

            The material was presented on May 15, 2013 by group 4. This group is talked and presented the material about English in South Africa and Nigeria. South Africa is a riches country with having many local languages. At least there are 10 local languages in this country, such as Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Pedi, Tsawana, Tsonga, Swati, Ndebele, and Venda.

       One of presenter in group 4 is showed dissimilarity between the usefulness of English in South Africa. Most of peoples in this country are using English as media to communicate each other, especially for white’s skin peoples. However, the native peoples (for dark skin) are not recommended to use English and they are using local languages in communicate to each other. This dissimilarity between Dark’s skin people and White’s skill people in South Africa is made apartheid in use of English. Hence, Nelson Mandela with his Apartheid Political was fought for the usefulness of English is not only for white skin’s people, but only for dark skin’s people.

      Between South Africa and Nigeria is can’t be separated in utilize the English. The characteristics of Black South African English are:

  • The use of second language variety
  • Different phonologies (different between short and long vowel as used in RP that often maintained and also it not central vowel)

   Besides South African English, there is variety of English in Nigeria. The varieties of Nigerian English are:

  • It close to standard British English, but with some distinct phonology feature
  • Basically modeled on standard British English


 From group 4 explanations, the writer can conclude that the usefulness of English in South Africa and Nigeria are different each other. In Nigerian, the model of their English is almost same with British English. However, English in South African is the result of elaboration between original English with local language and cultures.



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