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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION in First Language Acquisition Paper

      Language is one of the greatest important aspects for humans. With language, people can do connect with other people will be easier. They will be easier to convey an information if they are having language, such as to transmit information, to response the question, to telling the story, and any more. Hence, everyone agree that language is the most important features and it is also useful for everyone. Whereas, what is the term of language and where is the language was come from firstly? To reply this question, people should to recognize about definition of language firstly.

Image      According to Pinker’s The Language Instinct (1994), language define as a complex specialized for skill which develops in the child spontaneously without conscious effort or formal instruction is deployed without awareness of it is underlying logic, is qualitatively in the same in every individual and it is distinct from intelligently. Other investigator such as Bloch and Trager (1942) also define language as a system of utterrance sound which frees characters in a social group. Although there are many definition of language at the moment, but it has same define language as a medium that people using to convey dan report informations to other people.

        At the moment, there are many languages which people consuming to communicate to other people in the world. For example are English language, Indonesian language, Spanish language, Japanese language, Malay language, and other language around the world. Whereas, where is these language come from? And how people to express these languages? The answer is easy, that these languages were come from mother tongue or first language.  Mother tongue is also called first language is a language that people acquire and use firstly. People acquire first language when they are born and still youth people. Actually, there are many concept of how children acquire first language. For example, if a child were born in Japan and then living in Japan, so the first language of these children is Japanese. In other case, if a child was born in Malaysia and growths up in Indonesia, so the first language of these children is Indonesian language. To gain first language, children is needed a process namely language acquisition. According to Wikipedia, language acquisition is the process by which humans acquire the capacity to perceive and comprehend language, as well as to produce and use words and sentences to communicate.

        Actually, the conception of language acquisition is the study of procedure how humans purchase language. How humans gain language is concern that departing to research from many era and century. Many researchers in the world were doing investigation to identify how children secure language. The professional of linguistic and psychology decide that language acquisition is including to psycholinguistic study. According to Levelt (1975), psycolinguistic is a study to learn how human utilize language and to language acquisition. There are four of psycholinguistic studies such as comprehension, production, biology and neurologist anvil, and finally is to recognize how children acquire the language.

       The structures of this paper are contains: first definition of first language acquisition. Second are histories of first language acquisition. Thirdly, theories in first language acquisition, and finally is the process of how children acquire language. All structures in this paper will be described and explained deeply.

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