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    Jadwal Pertandingan FC Barcelona musim 2015/2016June 15th, 2015
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Entrepreneurships in Islam

        Entrepreneurships is the method that people use to survive long time ago until now. The history of entrepreneurships was begun from Prophet Adam with his child namely Habil and Qobil. They are doing farming and herding their parents’sheeps. They are selling the results of farming and herding to other people in the market. The entrepreneurships stories were continued to our Prophet Muhammad SAW with herding uncle’s sheep and do business in the market. From these histories, entrepreneurships were introduced from long time ago and everyone do entrepreneurships to survive in their life.

Image        Each religion around the world was ordering and teaching their Ummat to do entrepreneurship in their life. For example in Islam religion was teaching to every Muslim to work or do entrepreneurships. In Islam religion, entrepreneurships can define as human activity to get income or blessing from ALLAH SWT for fills their live. ALLAH SWT has saying in AL- Quran on Al-Jumuah verse 10 that if we are done accomplished the prayer, we should to spread around on the earth and seek the grace of God Almighty.

        The word of entrepreneurships in Islam can define as Al- Tijarah, Al- Baiu, and Isytara. First, Al Tijarah can define as commerce that contained in the Al- Baqarah verse of 282, An-Nisa verse of 29, At-Taubah verse of 24, An-Nur verse of 37, Fatir verse of 29, As-Shaff verse of 10, and Al-Jum’ah verse of 11. Commerce in Islam doesn’t only to get materials, but also to get qualitative immaterial such as blessing from ALLAH SWT. Second, Al- Bai’u is to sell or to give a valuable thing that it can be take the profit.  Finally, Isytara can define as a transaction among human and ALLAH SWT or sesame humans and ALLAH SWT that can be conducive to profit each other. From all definitions, entrepreneurships in Islam define as Muslims activity to get benefit from their business and only to get blessing from ALLAH SWT.  


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