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Chapter 1. Introduction “The Effectiveness of Learning Entrepreneurship in EED UMY

A.Background of Paper

       In the 21th century, humans are confronted to the biggest challenges in their life namely globalization era. According to Wikipedia, globalization era is the proces of international integration that occur from interchange of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. Hence, there are many foreigner things from other country will be coming to a country as the impact of globalization era. Actually, there are several impacts of globalization era to humans being live. In the positive impact side, globalization era will help humans to find out jobs. It is occur because of many foreigners from other countries will be coming as investor, tourist, etc. The opportunity can native people utilize to get job or income. For examples a native people can apply job in a foreigner company, etc. Besides that, globalization era is influences for advance to the social and technology, for example peoples can use transportations, telecommunications, infrastructure that they are imitate from other countries. In the other side, globalization era is impacted to native peoples in a country, because many things from other countries such as peoples, products, ideas, even culture will be rivalries with products local. To prepare in the globalization era, humans need to entrepreneurships as the keys to success and to survive in their life.

Image       In basically, entrepreneurships is a subject for students in the business or management scholarships. Whereas over past two decades, entrepreneurships is a quite issue that many public investigate. Many governments around the world believing that entrepreneurships is the key to successful economic development. With entrepreneurships, the advancement a country will be materialized. According to http://davitputra.net/, a successful country has at least two percent of entrepreneur from all residents. Entrepreneur can define as person who creates a new business in the face of risk and uncertainty for the purpose of achieving profit and growth by identifying opportunities and assembling the necessary resources to capitalize on those opportunities.

         According to Radar Bogor on July 31, 2012, the numbers of entrepreneur in Indonesia are 1,56 percent from 240 million of Indonesian peoples. It is not comparable with progress

countries such as United States of America that have 12 percent of entrepreneur from all resident,  Japan have 10 percent of entrepreneur from all residents, Singapore have 7 percents of residents from all residents, or Malaysia that have 5 percent of entrepreneur from their all residents. To increase number of entrepreneur in Indonesia, the government with Indonesian Ministry of Cooperative and Small and Medium Effort (UKM) was make many methods, such as to make national moval entrepreneurships, to give a volunteer person to work in the company, by giving managerial skills for new entrepreneur, and to make business incubator developmental for students in the university.

       To construct entrepreneur’s spirit for students in the university, the Indonesian Ministry of Education was made a program namely Student Creativity Week. The aim of this program is a place to improve and evolving student’s talent and interest and to grow up student’s creativity and innovations about something. One of programs is entrepreneurships. Besides that, many universities in Indonesia were using entrepreneurships as important lesson for their students, such as in the Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta. In Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta have one of a department that using entrepreneurships as important lesson, namely English Education Department. Third semester students in English Education Department will receive a entrepreneurships lesson as duty lesson. The function is to improve student ability and to build students spirit about entrepreneurships in their life.

B. Problem Statement of Research

      The main point of research paper will be focus on the effectiveness learning entrepreneurship for students in English Education Department of UMY. The research question is formulated: What is the influence of student learn entrepreneurship in English Education Departments of UMY? The question will be answered and explained in this paper.

C. Objective of Writing the Research Paper

       The first aim of writing this research paper is to find out and explore the effectiveness of learning entrepreneurship for student in English Education Department of UMY. Another objective of writing is to know and to learn all about entrepreneurships knowledge.

D. Important of Writing the Research Paper

        Entrepreneurships is the key to develop successful economic a country. Hence, the writing of this research paper is very important because the writer can imitate and apply entrepreneurship knowledge in to their life.

      The structures of this research paper are formulated: first, the contents of entrepreneurships. Second, the methodology of research will be described. Third, the finding and discussion about influences of entrepreneurships for students will be investigate and presented into a diagram. Finally, some suggestion will be obtainable in this paper.


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