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Example of Speech “The Important of Entepreneurship in Our Life”

Assalamualaikum.. WB.. Wr..

      According to Radar Bogor post on July 31, 2012, the numbers of entrepreneur in Indonesia is about 1,56 percent from 240 million of Indonesian peoples. It is not comparable with numbers of entrepreneur in other country, such as USA, Malaysia, Japan, China, etc. at the moment, many governments in the world is believe that entrepreneurships is the key to develop successful country. Hence, I strong believe that entrepreneurships is very important to everyone, especially for us. Well ladies and gentlemen, in this opportunity I would like to talk about three the most important entrepreneurships in our life.

Image     The first is I would like to talk about definition of entrepreneurships, second I would like to talk reason why we need entrepreneurship in our life, and finally I would like to talk about the method to develop entrepreneur spirit in our life.

       First of all, entrepreneurships is a subject for students in the business or management scholarships. Whereas over past two decades, entrepreneurships is a quite issue that many public investigate. There are many definitions of entrepreneurships at the moment. According to Wikipedia, Entrepreneurship is act and art of being an entrepreneur or someone who undertakes innovations, finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods. People who doing entrepreneurships is called entrepreneur.

      Secondly, entrepreneurships is very important for us. At least there are 4 reasons why we need entrepreneurships in our life. First, we can get profit if we do entrepreneurship. Secondly, entrepreneurships as the method to get variability in our life. Thirdly, entrepreneurships as the economic development. And finally, with do entrepreneurship we can get blessing from Allah SWT.

      The last of point in my speech at the moment is about the people method to develop entrepreneurship spirit in our life. In generally, there are many methods that people can use to develop entrepreneurships. whereas we can use entrepreneurial competencies base on McClelland and McBer (1985), that are initiative, see and act opportunity, persistent, important seeking, concern for high quality, commitment for work contract, efficiency orientation, systematic planning, problem solving, assertiveness, self-confident, persuasion, and use of influence strategies.

     In conclusion, I would like to reemphasis that entrepreneurships is very important to everyone. Hence, we should to build entrepreneur spirit in our life.


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