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The Main components of speech

   In a good speech should to have a good structure. The structure structure are:


Image   Introduction is a part to begin a speech. In introction also have many component to make it better. The component are:


   A greerings can included good morning, good afternoon, good night, or good afternoon. If we are in a formal situasion, we can use good night ladies and gentelman.

  b.A interesting opening/ opening

   Opening is one of the most important aspects in a speech, because in the opening will make our speech become an interest or bored speech. An opening included:

1). A question

                For example: What do you thing about global warming?

2). Quotation

               For example: according to Manjusri (2012), the cause of global warming are

3). Story or scenario

    For example: last week I saw an accident in the traffic. I saw many people

4). Data from survey

               For example: Base on LSI, the numbers of unemployed in Indonesia are


6). Statement

c. Stance

   The function of stance in a speech is to determine the speaker’s opinion about issue. The speaker can agree or disagree about issue. For example:

  • I believe that…
  • I strongly believe that…
  • I totally disagree that …
  • I am absolutely convinced that …
  • I am sure that …

d. Structure of the speech/outlines

   Outlines in a introduction included the material that we will tell to reader. The examples of outlines are:

  • I wish to talk about …
  • There are three ideas that I would like to share to you. The ideas are …
  • I would like to talk about …


2.Body of speech

3. Conclusion

      The example of conclusion in a speech is “in conclusion, I would like to reemphasize that ”reemphasize is to review our content of speech and it should not too wide.


     To make a speech, our speech should to Argmentative Paragraph, not informantive or explain paragraph.

1. Argumentative Paragraph

For example:

  1. Sambas regency is one of the most beutifull place in West Borneo.
  2. Mori Manjusri is one student in  the English Education Departemnt of UMY.
  3. Study hard is one of way to improve and add our knowlegde.

2. Informative paragraph (Explain)

For example:

  1. The most beautiful place in West Borneo
  2. Student in English Education Department of UMY
  3. The way to improve our skill and knowledge




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