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    Jadwal Pertandingan FC Barcelona musim 2015/2016June 15th, 2015
    Untuk mengetahui jadwal pertandingan FC Barcelona musim 2015/2016, kunjungi http://www.fcbarcelona.co.id/football/first-team/calendar
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The Big Four Team English

There are four big teams in English Premier League right now. The first team is Manchester United FC. The second team is Chelsea FC. The third team is Liverpool FC and the last team is Manchester City. In fact, the big four teams in English Premier League is the strongest candidate team who will the winner in English Premier League.

The first big team is Manchester United. Manchester United is one of the most widely supporter team in the world. This team is located in Great of Manchester, England. Manchester United FC has the best stadium in England, named Old Trafford. Old Trafford is the pride stadium of Manchester United supporters. This stadium can accommodate thousand people supporters. The Red Devil is a nick name of Manchester United. It’s because the custom and the stadium Manchester United players used is domination by all red color. The manager of Manchester United is Sir Alex Fergusson. In this time, Sir Alex Fergusson is either one the best manager in the Europe, even in the world. This manager has many brilliant strategies to set his team and he is meritorious person who brought Manchester United to be champions. There are many famous and the best players in Manchester United FC team, such as Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Dmitar Berbatov, Owen Hargives, Park Ji Sung, and any more. Manchester United has many winners in each many competitions and championship. For examples, this team has 19 times in English Premier League, 11 times in FA Cup, and 3 times in Europe Champions League. Undoubtedly, Manchester United FC is the best team in Europe and the world.

The second big team in English Premier League is Chelsea FC. Chelsea FC located in west London and headquartered in Stamford Bridge, London. The supporters called with “The Blues Chelsea”. The reason supporters called this team with The Blues Chelsea because the custom players of Chelsea used is all blue color. Chelsea FC never wins in EUFA Champion League. This team just is just the runner up in EUFA Champions League at season 07/08. Chelsea FC was losing on final with matched Manchester United in Stamford Bridge.  Although Chelsea FC lost on final UEFA Champions League, this team has ever won in domestic competitions, such as in premier league and FA cup.

Another big four team is Liverpool FC. Liverpool FC is one of the best supporter clubs in the world. This team has a big stadium, named An Field. A Field can accommodate thousand people supporters. The supporters called with “The Reds Liverpool”. The meaning of The Red Liverpool because the custom of players used is all red color. Liverpool FC has a good manager and this manager has many quantity talent players in his team. The manager is Kenny Werner. He always uses defense and attack strategies in each tournament. Some Liverpool players are not England players, but most players come from Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, and other countries. For example, Pepe Reina is from Spain. Luis Suarez is from Uruguay.Maxi Rodriquez is from Argentina, and some another players. As we can know together, Liverpool FC has many champions in football tournaments in Europe. For examples, this team has won in EUFA Champions League, FA CUP, English Premier League, and other English tournaments.

The last big four team in English Premier League is Manchester City. This team is the most phenomenal team in this year and a new strength in English Premier League Competition. Manchester City is either one of the richest team in the world. The owner of this team is a wealthy merchant from East Middle. He has bought some of the best payers from another club such as Edin Dzeko has bought from FC Forto in a domestic Portugal club , Samir Nasri has bought from Arsenal FC, Sergio Aquero has bought from Athlico Madrid in Spanish league, and many other players in others clubs. The manager of this team is Roberto Mancini. Roberto Mancini is the most meritorious person to evoke the glory of Manchester City. Manchester city is just once as the winner in EUFA Champions League, 2 times as the winner in English Premier League, and 5 times the winner in FA CUP. Manchester City has poor achievement.however, at this time Manchester City is standings top in English Premier League and move Arsenal from big four in English Premier League.

In conclusion, Manchester United FC, Chelsea FC, Liverpool FC, and Manchester City FC are participant in big four teams. English Premier League always shows good attraction match in each tournament. They are competing to be a winner in English Premier League right now.


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